ALGER ALE 4.7% ABV, 20 IBU STYLE: Traditional German Kölsch Named after the first permanent resident to Holly, Ira C. Alger. Who came to Holly from New York and settled in 1836.  This clean, refreshing ale is a beautiful pale straw color with a slight fruity aroma.  Brewed with two different malts and a German variety of hops, this Kolsch is delicate and effervescent, with a finishing smoothness that comes from the time it spends conditioning near freezing temperatures, and promises to be your next comfort beer!
NorOak’s Book of Beer
BATTLE ALLEY 7.4% ABV, 89 IBU STYLE: West Coast IPA Battle Alley used to be known as Martha Street but its name was changed to Battle Alley, and is one of the most historic streets in Michigan. "This historic district was once the scene of frequent brawls, and in 1880, an uproar between local rowdies and workers of a traveling circus rendered so many bruised, beaten and jailed, that this street was thus named "Battle Alley." A hoppy and moderately strong IPA, this ale is a very light copper color, and is medium bodied with low malt character and a strong hop aroma and taste. The hops are carried all the way through this monster beer that seriously borders on an imperial! This baby is dry hopped for added aroma, and is definitely an IPA to remember. Hop heads BEWARE this beer will beckon you in, and titillate your hoppy taste buds! Prost!
BE THANKFUL PUMPKIN ALE 5.9% ABV, 25 IBU STYLE: Pumpkin Ale ‘Tis the season for giving thanks! Here at NOB we are thankful for the generosity of Oak Haven Farms, and the donation of their wonderful pumpkins to help us celebrate this beer! The pumpkins however, have been used for the non-fermentable dextrin’s more than for flavor. That being said, we are also thankful for the muted pumpkin taste in this grand era of over pumpkin spicing everything! Deriving its color from the wonderful pumpkins, this ale has a golden orange hue and a sweet aroma that is sure to fool you! With a modest mouth feel and light malt taste that carries throughout, this beer finishes with subdued pumpkin, spice and everything nice. Definitely not over powering and something you are sure to Be Thankful for!
BLACK EYE P AYE 6.6 % ABV, 94 IBU STYLE: Black IPA Darker days call for a darker beer, and when you combine the best of two very different worlds you end up with a dark beer intertwined with an IPA. This ale is a deep brown to black color with hints of ruby. It has a good standing head that is dark tan to tan. The muted nose can fool you into thinking that it’s more malty than hoppy, but the sneaky ninja-like hops grow through the medium body with each sip. The mouth feel is semi- dry and gives the impression of roasty malt flavor due to the use of dark malts, but actually contains no roasted barley. The malt balance however is not lost within the onset of hops, and finishes clean with an interplay of hop and malt bitterness.
BUSTY PORTER 6.4% ABV, 32 IBU STYLE: Robust Porter An English dark ale first created in London in the 18th century. It became particularly popular among the roughneck dock workers and porters—hence the brew's name. Because of the industrialization of breweries during that time, Porter became the first mass produced beer.  Black strap deep molasses in color teamed with the aroma of roasted malts, give this brew a complex balance between barley and hops. The medium body, combined with high nitrogen carbonation leaves you with a mouthful of roasty character.
ED’S SEEING DUBBEL 7.4% ABV, 23 IBU STYLE: Belgian Dubble  One of our owners, Ed Krupa, loves strong beer. He doesn’t care what it is as long as it is strong. So we brewed this one just for him! This Belgian style ale is a deep reddish-copper color, with moderately strong, complex notes. It has rich malty flavors, dark or dried fruit esters, and a light alcoholic taste blended together with medium to high carbonation that finishes fairly dry. This beer has an unmatched liveliness about it and tastes just like it smells!
FATHER JEFF’S DOPPELBOCK 10.25 % ABV, 28 IBU STYLE: Doppelbock Doppelbock emerged in the late 18th century as a powerful lager variant of the old monastic strong beer, and was known as “liquid bread”. The monks that brewed it for the Lenten season, believed that liquids cleansed the body as well as the soul. They made plenty of liquid instead of solid bread and drank it in copious amounts…the more, the holier! Deep mahogany in color, with a light tan head, this decadent brew teases your senses with the first sniff! Sherry notes with hints of dark fruit can be detected, and the first sip is sure to send you over the edge! Exceptionally malty with very little bitterness, this delightful beer is thick and will finish with a warmth needed this bitter time of year!
FEIER 7.0% ABV, 21 IBU STYLE: German Porter CELEBRATION is the translation of the German term Feier (Fi.ya) What better way to honor the wonderful moments in life, than to share in a toast with a beer that has the richness to capture those celebrations! Pouring with a beige creamy head above a dark brown to black body, this Porter has a reserved malty aroma with hints of chocolate teasers. It has the complexities of a British Porter with the smoothness of a German Lager, but fermented as an ale. The body is not heavy but certainly not light, and the hops add a subtle accent to the back ground, ensuring this beer finishes with a lavishness that only chocolate can offer!
GOT BOCK 7.0% ABV, 24 IBU STYLE: Traditional German Bock In the foothills of the Bavarian Alps this time of year is the season of Starkbier (strong beer)! This is dedicated to those big, malty, German brews that nourish your mind, body and soul. May the winds be a-blowing and the snow be a-drifting!! Because life is good, with a glass of warmth by your side! Seducing you with its malt forward aroma and deep mahogany color under a light tan head, this bock offers some very unique flavors. The results of which are due to the Munich malts and extended boiling. A sweet malty character enhances the full body and is balanced with the perfect amount of hops, finishing altogether clean.
HATCHET AMBER ALE 5.0% ABV, 27 IBU STYLE: American Amber Ale “Carry A. Nation, aka "Kansas saloon smasher," came to Holly on August 28, 1908, at the request of the local prohibition committee. Wielding her umbrella, she strode through the alley's bars bellowing about the "Demon Rum" and its sins." It has been said that she made “all hell howl” with her speaking and her hatchet on those saloons on Battle Alley. This light colored copper ale has a rich malty aroma, almost bread like. It is made with the perfect balance of hops that marry well with the bounty of malt. It supports a medium body and a low hop aroma with a gracefully smooth finish, leaving you wanting more!
IT ALT TO BE 5.1 % ABV, 45 IBU STYLE: Dusseldorf Alt Bier “Alt“ means “Old“ and refers to the old style of brewing, when a time before bottom fermentation was popular, and top fermenting yeast was considered the norm. This style of beer represents one of the few surviving traditional German ales, evolving from primitive Celtic and Germanic Tribal roots of the Neolithic Period, and is arguably the oldest continuously brewed beer style in the world! With an inviting cast of rich bronze, this exceptionally smooth and delicate beer supports a creamy head with a firm mouth feel. Very easy to drink, it bursts with malt flavor and yet has a subtle undercurrent that finishes dry beckoning you to have another! It is the way beer “ALT” to be! Jawohl!  
JT PALE ALE 5.7% ABV STYLE: American Pale Ale A traditional American Pale Ale that has great balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. This beer is light in body with a subdued malt background, making it a very drinkable pale, and therefore perfect for those who would think an IPA is too strong!
MUSTACHE STOUT 4.3% ABV, 33 IBU STYLE: Sweet Stout Originally produced in the early 1900’s, Sweet Stout also known as Milk Stout was claimed to be nutritious, and was given to nursing mothers. Beautifully black in color with a dark thick head, this stout has muted chocolate and coffee notes that resonate from the black patent, and chocolate malt. Due to the addition of milk sugar during boil, it adds additional body and produces a sweetness that is slight but not overwhelming. Finishing smooth and creamy, because it is pumped full of nitrogen!
NOROAK FEST 5.2% ABV, 27 IBU STYLE: Traditional German Märzen Oktoberfest Brewmaster Jeff’s favorite beer hands down is a Märzen style Oktoberfest. Maybe it’s because it is only available once a year or maybe it’s because it was the first beer he was taught to make. Who knows, but he sure is passionate about this style of beer! Oktoberfest is a German amber lager with a lavish copper color. This wonderful beer is made with a German variety of all Michigan hops, and has a clean, toasty, bready malt flavor that restrain the bitterness. The medium-bodied impression is soft, elegant, and complex, with a rich aftertaste and a malt accented finish that encourages another drink! Prost!
OL’ SIPPER 9.8% ABV, 31 IBU STYLE: Belgian Dark Strong Ale In North America, beer lovers have taken a particular liking to the heftiest of ales, and Jeff’s answer to that is a strong dark beer brewed with the equal conviction and spirit that they used in the many Trappist Monasteries. It is a majestic mahogany color, with a heavy candied fruit smell, containing hints of current, figs and raisins. This full bodied ale is almost like a thick nectar, very smooth going down but with a slight masked alcohol warming. Super clean and well balanced it will finish sweet, rich and dangerous. So with the holidays fast approaching, Santa really does need something to keep him warm besides his jolly spirit! So instead of breaking out the milk and cookies this year, give him something he’s sure to HoHoHo about!
GO TO PILS 5.2% ABV, 27 IBU STYLE: German Pilsener Go To Pils is a German Style Pilsener beer. Straw colored, effervescent, light bodied, beautiful to look at and easy to drink. It is a refreshing beer that has a hint of grain in the taste, a subtle hop presence on the finish and is crystal clear all the way through. This is sure to become your Go To beer!
IMPERIAL BATTLE ALLEY 9.1% ABV, 95 IBU STYLE: Imerpial IPA Battle Alley used to be known as Martha Street but its name was changed to Battle Alley, and is one of the most historic streets in Michigan. "This historic district was once the scene of frequent brawls, and in 1880, an uproar between local rowdies and workers of a traveling circus rendered so many bruised, beaten and jailed, that this street was thus named "Battle Alley." Bigger and bolder than the original Battle Alley IPA, this phenomenal ale has a very intense hop aroma abounding through the copper liquid. The strong malt backbone, put up against the complex hops, help to balance it with a clean finish that lacks harshness, but produces a long lingering hop presents in the aftertaste. Hop lovers take CAUTION with this beer! It will call to you! It will tease you and your hop loving taste buds, all the while kicking you lovingly in the face! This Imperial promises to be remembered long after it is gone! Prost!
OAKLAND AMBER 4.4% ABV, 15 IBU STYLE: Amber Lager Oakland Amber Lager is a light-bodied amber beer that is easy on the palate and taste buds. The malt flavor is balanced with the all Michigan grown hops, (from Top Hops Farm in Goodrich). It has a smooth flavor and a clean finish as a great lager should. It goes great with burgers, brats, chicken or pizza. It is satisfying and refreshing after mowing the lawn or after a long bike ride. Step on up to Oakland Amber Lager. You will be glad you did.
RUMMELWEIZEN 4.6% ABV, 13 IBU STYLE: German Hefeweizen German style Wheat beer. Hefeweizen is a wheat rich beer that is light and perfect for summer drinking. The clove and banana phenols come from the German yeast used to ferment the wheat and barley. Nothing artificial is added to this easy drinking beer.  It goes down smooth and finishes clean.   Toast the warm weather!  Cheers!
SCREEN DOOR BLONDE 4.6% ABV, 13 IBU STYLE: Belgian Strong Ale - Blonde When it comes to light beer, blonde ales are the go to beer for many people. Our blonde is nowhere near ordinary. On a hot summer day, it is light, highly carbonated, easy to drink and clear. With some wonderful phenols (flavors), derived from the Belgian yeast that makes this beer refreshing and memorable but be very careful because it will smack you when you least expect it. Raise a glass and toast to our Screen Door Blonde Ale, but don’t let it hit you on the way out.
SEEING TRIPEL 9.8% ABV, 31 IBU STYLE: Belgian Tripel SEEING TRIPEL is a Trappist Belgian style beer. It is the youngest of the Belgian Strong Ales, created within the last 85 years and it is becoming a favorite of Belgian beer lovers.  Seeing Tripel is deep gold in color with a long-lasting, creamy white head resulting in lace on the glass as it fades. The flavor is a perfect marriage of spicy, fruity, grainy-sweet malt with a light honey note. It is easy to drink and finishes dry. This high alcohol beer is deceptive because the alcohol is very well hidden.  Lift a glass of Seeing Tripel and celebrate our anniversary with us; In days of old when knights were bold and hop pellets weren’t invented. You wrapped your hops in a sock and Seeing Tripel was fermented.
SUCCULENT PALE ALE 5.8% ABV, 32 IBU STYLE: American Pale Ale Refreshing and aromatic this pale ale is super easy to drink! The hops in this beer are displayed in all their glory. With a thick white head and light body your senses are put on overload as you drink your first mouthful and realize this is no ordinary pale. Restrained bitterness is balanced well with the malt, leaving the finish clean and hop centric. These desirable qualities leave you with one conclusion, this ale defines succulence!
TAXMAN 7.6% ABV, 56 IBU Northern Oak STYLE: Vermont Style IPA 7.5% ABV, 71 IBU at Tenacity Brewing It’s that time of year again, and the Taxman is the perfect beer to either help you celebrate your tax return or forget about your tax bill.  This ale has a fruity aroma, with a white meringue head and the apparent cloudiness seems like a golden hazy day. The juicy body is thick on your tongue, but refreshing all the way through. The hops tell the story in this beer because they are the focus of the experience. Hops from all around the world adding flavors of fruit, floral, lime zest, melon and berries. It will surprise you from your first sip to your last drop. Don’t fear the Taxman, drink him instead.
TORREY ALE 5.2% ABV, 40 IBU Northern Oak STYLE: Extra Special Bitter (ESB) Torrey Ale is a British ESB brewed to the traditional, historic English style. When it comes to an ESB it is beautiful to look at and even better to drink in. It is a complex ale with a delicate balance between the malt and hops that dances around in your mouth and nose. This deep straw colored beer finishes with a touch of English hops that begs you to have another taste. Raise a pint of Torrey Ale and shout “Cheers” to all the Torrey’s you know!
WINTER STORM 6.5% ABV, 24 IBU Northern Oak STYLE: Winter Seasonal There is nothing like winter in Michigan! The cold crisp air, the snow gently falling, the crack and pop from a fire filling a room with warmth and a warm glow. Winter in Michigan is a reminder of the growing season we just came through and a promise of the next growing season to come in the spring. As a tribute to winter we present; Winter Storm. It is the perfect beverage for this time of year. The medium bodied, deep amber colored beer has a great balance between hop, malt and spice, with just the right amount of alcohol to warm you as you enjoy winter! Raise a pint and toast winter, with Winter Storm!